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Steel Batons

Telescopic Steel Batons and self-protection go together like ham and eggs. But, is this a good device for women? Absolutely! A Telescopic Steel Baton is lightweight and usually comes in 3 different sizes - 16, 21 and 26 inches. The size you select depends on how tall you are. Smaller women generally prefer the 16-inch Baton because it's easier to swing. The 21 and 26 inch Batons are a little heavier and longer to swing. You may need a little practice expanding and using your Telescopic Steel Baton. You have to flick your wrist to fully expand the baton which locks automatically at its full length. Then practice hitting a pillow or your bed to get the feel of the device when swinging it. A Telescopic Steel Baton can help keep you safe and secure in this world. Hopefully you will never have to use it but, if so, use it! Also called Nightstick or

Police Nightstick

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Steel Batons for Personal Proection
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