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Dummy Cameras

Everybody wants to have a safe and secure home and that includes you. However, security cameras are far from cheap. For households who have average or below average incomes, such a camera would be a pain in the pocket. The solution, of course, is to get something that closely resembles a security camera even if it does not function like one. That's precisely what a fake

dummy camera

is for. Just Like the Real Thing Studies show that the mere sight of a security camera makes a criminal decide against entering a home for the fear of having their images captured. Why? It's because these unscrupulous individuals know that a surveillance camera is hooked to the nearest police station and can sound an ear-piercing alarm that's enough to rouse the whole neighborhood. And these people won't take the chance, lest it ruins their "robbing" career. With fake dummy cameras, you get

home security

at a price you can afford.

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Dummy Cameras
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