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Using Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras can offer covert surveillance over areas where valuables may be left or where crime may be committed. These cameras are usually concealed in a structure, or disguised in items that are likely to be left in the area, so that they are not noticed. The cameras record images within their field of vision, and will allow people to pick up those images via their computer, IPTV or even normal TV. Some cameras offer both simultaneous and recorded telecasting features.

The main appeal of hidden cameras is for security. They can be used to protect stock in stores, to protect staff in casinos, hospitals, etc. They can be used to monitor security from a 'cabin' where there is a staff member constantly watching them. Multiple cameras can be hooked up to one monitor, allowing for an easy to use CCTV network.

There are many people who use home security systems and these can be quite valuable for offering peace of mind. They can be used to watch the activities of dog sitters and nannies, check in on the wellbeing of senior citizens, and track the status of your home when you're away on holiday.

The early generation hidden cameras were big devices that were quite hard to conceal. Today, cameras are smaller, and they can be hidden in garments, as well as in furniture. The most important part of the camera is the lens - this must be kept unobstructed. Lenses can be made in a range of different sizes, so the size of the camera can be kept to a minimum too. The field of view of the camera can be maximised through the shape of the lens, without the camera itself being made so big that it is easily visible.

Whether a camera is used for traffic control, crime prevention, baby-monitoring or other activities does not matter. The value is clear. The use of hidden cameras remains controversial, however. Some feel that they are an invasion of privacy - especially if they are used in hotel rooms, toilets or changing areas. The law varies from state to state - but ethics should be considered even if what is being done is within the bounds of the law. Crime prevention and safety are admirable goals, but who will be controling the cameras that are being used, and where will the data be stored? These details should be considered before installing a camera.

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2 thoughts on “Using Hidden Cameras”

  • Dennis

    Wow, it's very profound how these hidden cameras can be used in hospitals or medical environments. That's a shocking video. It shows way more because there was webcam security present. More people should make use of hidden cams to take their security as long as it is within the boundaries of the law.

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