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Self Defense Products: Different Reasons On Why It Is Better To Depend On Yourself

If you think you will be safe as long as you never walk through solitary places, then think again. In fact, research has found that the more people that are around the less likely one will help you if you are in a state of emergency. Don't believe me? Read on.

One of the most infamous examples of the bystander effect is the case of Catherine Susan Genovese, also known as Kitty Genovese. According to social psychology journals, Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in front of 38 witnesses and all failed to intervene in any significant way. Some people argue that only 12 of these witnesses were neighbors, but this does not detract from the fact that there were witnesses all around the interaction and the stabbing took place from at least thirty minutes. Furthermore, Kitty was sexually assaulted before she died and no person chose to act in her defense. She was only 28-years-old.

You may feel disheartened and upset for Kitty Genovese but think that it will not happen in today's society or at least to you. This is not merely a story about something that happened to another person, it is a tale of what may happen to you or a loved one if you do not protect yourself against any potential attacks. The bystander effect is a real and serious psychological phenomenon and points out that the larger the number of bystanders in a situation; the less likely it is for someone to offer help - as in the case of Kitty Genovese.

How does the bystander effect work?

According to social psychology researchers Bibb Latane and John Darley, the bystander effect operates with a person's tendency to believe that it is not their responsibility to aid the victim. In other words, each person believes that someone else will help the victim and they will not help because they do not wish to become involved. This is where a second psychological phenomenon occurs known as the diffusion of responsibility. In the end, nobody helps the victim and a tragedy will occur.

Consider the bystander effect and diffusion of responsibility the next time you are tempted to believe you or your family as safe in a group of people. The idea that there is safety in numbers is not true regardless of the time of day. People typically avoid becoming involved unless there is no other option but to assist; for example, those instances where there is a common fate and their own safety is at stake with the victim's wellbeing.

So how do you avoid becoming a victim when there are no Good Samaritans around to help with your situation? The best means of dealing with a potential life-threatening situation is to, ironically, prepare for the worst. By being aware of all danger and preparing for the worst case it is possible to defend yourself effectively.

The best means of protecting yourself against becoming a victim is to carry a reliable self defense product at all times. This does not mean you need to carry a lethal weapon, but consider non-lethal weapons such as long-range pepper spray, taser guns or stun gun alternatives. Non-lethal options should always be the first alternative given that you may not receive the much needed assistance when facing a harmful situation, even if you are surrounded by witnesses. Remember, the police may not always be available to assist and it is recommended that you are as self-sufficient as possible.

Even if you know a form of martial arts, it is still advised that you carry a self defense device to protect yourself. Of course, trying to avoid close combat is the first desirable goal especially if the opponent is armed with lethal weapons such as a knife or gun. In these cases martial arts may not be beneficial and you may become harmed without using a weapon yourself.

In the event that you are caught without any type of self defense weapon to protect yourself, and if escape is not possible, the second best alternative would be to counter the bystander effect by pointing direction of responsibility to a specific person while giving that individual a specific task. For example, if in a dangerous situation you could call out to a certain individual in the crowd to dial 911. By directing responsibility at a person in the crowd you will reduce the chance of responsibility being diffused in a crowd of witnesses.

Of course, do not depend on others for protection as being self-sufficient is the most beneficial alternative when facing dangerous situations. Do not allow an assailant to bring tragedy into your life while bystanders just watch and diffuse responsibility.

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