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Make Sure Your Daughter Has A College Survival Kit

One out of every four women who attend college is sexually attacked. When young women are out of the safety of their home environment, they can end up being victims of rape, theft, and assault. Studying late at night can cause them to be more vulnerable to being attack when they are going to and from a restaurant, the library or study hall.

Many college students when they are attending college do have cars, but with heavy class schedules and late night studying, they might be over-tired when attempting to drive home for a holiday or the weekend. If they are taking other students with them, they might be just as tired and run-down as your daughter is. In that case, I recommend they have a nap alarm that goes over their ear and sets the alarm off if their head begins to nod.

Pepper spray is an effective and non-lethal type of self-defense device that young women can use if necessary without hesitation. The pepper spray immediately disables the attacker without there needing to be any physical contact and may be effective as far away as 15 feet. Having only one pepper spray container is not sufficient. She should have at least one in disguised form like lipstick pepper spray for going out socially, in addition to one that is attached on her key ring, one clipped to the visor of the car, and one inside of her room. All of them have different purposes for different situations.

Over the years sorority rooms and dorm rooms have had many different occupants, so the lock on the door is most likely useless. It is important for your daughter to not leave valuables or cash inside her room while she is gone, but what about when she's using the restroom or sleeping? Somebody could sneak in and grab her cash, credit cards or jewelry. In order to remedy this situation, she should have either a book safe or diversion safe for putting her values and then put in with her textbooks.

If someone aggressively approaches your daughter while she is on campus or in her room an electronic whistle can sound an alarm which will most likely cause the attacker to run. Her pepper spray can serve as a backup in case the attacker isn't deterred by the whistle.

While she is sleeping your daughter might be vulnerable to a thief or rapist. When a door stop alarm is used, it will make the door more secure from being able to be opened, and will set an alarm off is somebody attempts to open it. When there is a motion alert alarm in place it guards the windows against an intruder. When it is setup and arm an alarm will be set off if somebody attempts to come in through the window.

Numerous online retailers have kits for sail containing all of the devices in one affordable package. No matter what it costs, your daughter's safety is obviously worth even more.

Along with having the best self-defense products, it is also a very good idea to travel around campus in either groups or pairs. Whenever you daughter is walking around campus she should walk briskly and keep her head held up. If somebody she doesn't know starts to approach her, she should keep walking and ignore them and get to someplace safe. Braids or ponytails give attackers something they can grab onto and then throw her off-balance. Another thing that is easy to grab and remove is loose clothing. Your daughter should travel on routes that are used often by other students and that are well-lighted. She should take her cell phone with her at all times to call for assistance and take pictures of anyone who seems suspicious. When she approaches her car, your daughter should check the area around and under and inside of her car before she unlocks and enters the vehicle. Her keychain pepper spray is for using while she is holding her keys, and her visor pepper spray is for when her keys are in the car's ignition. While you are helping her purchase her car, if possible make sure that it comes with remote keyless entry.

One final thought, if your daughter is going to be attending classes in the summer, there will be far fewer students on campus compared to the regular school year. Most likely there will be fewer campus employees and police available as well, and fewer occupants in the sororities and dorms. That requires your daughter to be even more vigilant than she is during the regular school year.


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