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Introduction To Diversion Safes


If you have heard anything about Diversion Safes before, then you will know that they are used for hiding your valuable items in plain sight.

What does this actually mean?

Diversion Safes are similar to chameleons due to the fact that they are able to blend in very well with their surroundings. That is why most people don't even notice them. The same thing is true when it comes to Diversion Safes.

This type of product looks just like a real every product that can be found every day around your home or garage. These are hollowed out products that usually have either a screw top bottom or top. Many of them are also weights so that they feel as if they are filled with something.

Since these products look absolutely real you can put them in your garage or house anywhere you would like to hide your money or valuables.

Many home burglaries these days are committed by individuals just wanting to have things to sell in order to support their drug addiction. The things they are interested in include expensive, small items like a jewelry box, loose money, laptops or anything else that looks like it is valuable or open.

Why would anyone pay attention to a Maxwell House Coffee Can Safe? They won't. That is why your money that you stored inside of it will be safe.

Who is going to suspect that the Ajax Cleanser can that is with the other cleaning products in your house contains your diamond bracelet that you left behind when you went on vacation?

What about the book on your bookshelf holding something important and valuable. Even if there are burglars who know there are Book Safes they won't have enough time to look through all of your books. Burglars are wanting to get and out of your home as fast as they can, so they just try to grab loose things lying around.

You might be wondering "why do I need a product like that? I don't have any important papers or expensive jewelry."

Think about all of the times that you have lost your car keys or cell phone at home? Then there is all of the money you leave out on the kitchen table. If you place them inside of a Flower Pot Diversion safe there is even room to put your wallet in there. If you leave it on the counter or table you will always know where your items are.

What about your extra house key? You can place it inside of an Outside Thermometer Diversion Safe or Fake Stone Safe instead of leaving it inside of the mailbox, above the door or under the welcome mat. Those days are long gone.

Another place for hiding extra keys to your car, house, shed, boat or swimming pool gat is inside of your garage. Place it inside of a Liquid Wrench Can Safe that is surrounded by the other car care products that you own.

Or if you need a large container to put other items in, get a Paint Can Diversion Safe in the one-gallon size and place it among the other painting products that you have.

Another thing about this - if you are going to use one of these Diversion Safes you may want to place some of the real product close to the top so that it appears it is being used.

For example, place some paint on the side or top of the Paint Can Diversion Sae or some shaving cream on the Barbsaol Diversion Safe.

Just how many people would think about searching inside of an electrical wall outlet to find valuables? You can put this kind of Safe inside of a plasterboard or drywall that looks exactly the same as a wall outlet. Although it is a non-functioning outlet you still can put a plug into it from a lamp or appliance to make it look even more authentic.

Everyone needs to have a Diversion Safe inside of their office and home. They are portable and inexpensive - you can take them with you on vacation, put one inside of a college dorm room or warehouse for hiding notes, keys or anything else you want to keep safe.

Diversion Safes make excellent gifts. They are unusual but it's a lot better than giving someone a tie or shirt they will never wear. They are a true gift of life. Once you have demonstrated just how effective a Diversion Safe is, the person you have given it to will realize how much thought and care went into the gift and truly appreciate how secure and safe their valuables will be now.

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