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If You Think You Are Safe From Attacks, You Better Think Again!

Self-defense encompasses a whole lot of different issues. Among the first concerns is determining the course of action you wish to take; are you capable and interested in using lethal force? While your knee-jerk reaction might be a resounding "yes", the reality of actually killing someone can be quite different. If a criminal can sense your hesitation, even the slightest bit, they will take the moment to regain the upper hand in the situation. So, if you have no interest in taking human life and fear that you could instantaneously shoot someone when the situation called for it, what do you do now?

At this point, you need to find an appropriate form of weapon that will allow you to instantly render your attacker incapable of proceeding without creating serious harm. Other factors to consider are size and carry-ability. You need something compact enough to go virtually anywhere. To ensure mastery of the device, it should be simple to operate: two steps at the most. Guns, ammo and the associated range time can really hit the wallet hard. Plus, you want to be able to disguise your defensive gear as efficiently as possible. To that end, the stun gun has been invented.

The stun gun models today are created in a wide range of styles, including those that resemble lipstick dispensers and flashlights. Other styles include classic stun gun, cell phone and night stick. The various sizes provide options, with the larger ones creating a more powerful effect while the smaller ones are still capable of rendering a target immobile. The various models provide greater discretion when you are intending to go out into public. On the other hand, at home you can choose one based solely on functionality.

While you might think that you could experience the same hesitation that makes regular gun usage so dangerous, but that is not the case. You see, killing people is against the basic psyche of humankind. Soldiers and law enforcement officers must undergo rigorous training to overcome that instinct in order to protect themselves and their charge. Since you know that the stun gun will not cause permanent or life-threatening harm, there is no instinct to overcome.

A simple 9V battery is all that is necessary to use the unit. When triggered, the stun gun releases a high-voltage low-amperage shock, which will cause the person to become immobilized for at least a few seconds. The person will lose control over their motor skills as well. An additional minute or more will be required for the attacker to regain their coordination. One of the benefits of using a stun gun is that it won't shock you, even if you are in direct physical contact with the attacker when you engage the gun.

The element of surprise with a stun gun is one of the other factors that makes it so effective against attackers. Even if they have been watching you, the device looks innocent enough until you activate it. Some criminals will run at the sight, not wanting to risk being stunned. You can pull the trigger even if you aren't in direct contact with the criminal. If it doesn't make contact, a loud visible arc lets them know you mean business. In addition to folks who intend you harm, the electrical arc is often an effective means to shoo unfriendly canines.

The stun devices on the market are available with different voltages. The larger ones can likely stop a full grown man after one to two seconds of contact. However, folks with greater body mass and those heavily under the influence of alcohol and mind-altering substances might have greater resistance. This is one of the reasons that many folks opt for a stronger device.

When you go out, make sure that you have the device where you can readily access it should you need to. Also, practice with the safety device numerous times to ensure that you are familiar with it and can easily free it when necessary. This knowledge should also prevent you accidentally discharging the unit as well. As soon as possible, touch the device to the person or their clothing (that is in contact with the skin) and activate it for three to five seconds. If the attacker hasn't fallen, repeat the process. Once the criminal has hit the ground, you need to run for help. Remove yourself a safe distance and contact law enforcement. The purpose of the stun gun is for your to escape safely, not become a superhero.

One of the concerns that some folks have about stun guns is that folks think the devices can cause heart attacks. However, the unit works on the skeletal muscles, not internal organs as these people would have others believe. It should never be used in order to control someone or make them do what you want. As a defensive weapon, it can get you out of bad situations safely. Learn to be fast with it, and you will have a great extra layer to your security plans. As great as they are, stun guns aren't legal everywhere. Check with your local authorities about the rules regarding use in your community. No matter what kind you choose, make sure you learn how to use it properly so you are prepared when the time is right!


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