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Animal Repellents

Animal Repellents are unique products that have been specially designed to keep away insects, birds and animals from plants, areas, humans and objects. Numerous walkers, joggers and bikers are unable to enjoy life outdoors because they fear being encountered by wild dogs or other ferocious animals. What if you are out for a casual walk and are attacked by a stray dog or cat? Some attacks can even turn out to be life threatening. An animal repellent provides you with the best possible option to dispel the unwanted animals, without harming them.

Pepper Gel

or sprays: is used for protection against aggressive dogs and these are generally effective from within a radius of 10 feet.

Ultrasonic animal repeller

it is a unique product that provides protection against dogs, cats, bats, deer, skunks, and does no harm to the animal.

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Protect yourself with Animal Repellents and Sprays
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