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Video Recording

Multi-Channel Video Recording Guide, If you are trying to decide whether to buy a 16-, 8- or 4-channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) soon, then this can definitely help you. All business owners need to be concerned with loss from theft, whether it comes internally from employees, or externally from burglars or thieves. There are two major reasons why the best financial choice to make is to choose a multi-channel DVR. These two main reasons are: theft is the main expense for most brick and mortar businesses and the cost of computer equipment, camera equipment, backup equipment, display and storage have all significantly come down. As a business owner, when you think about these two reasons, you will realize that it makes financial sense to get a 16- or 8-channel DVR even if you own a small business. The cost of computers, camera equipment, backup, displays and storage have gone down significantly so now

video recording

is now affordable

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Recording Video for playback is a popular way to keep environments secure and safe
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