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  • Learn More About Mace And Pepper Spray Products By SABRE


    SABRE pepper spray and mace products are one of the top brands that most will look for when shopping for self-defence products. Here are some important points you should consider when researching which ones are the best.

    The spray produced by SABRE contains a chemical compound known as OC which causes a person's eyes to tear up and causes considerable pain as well as temporary blindness. The chemical is extracted from hot red peppers in a concentrated form. Many people looking for quality options when it comes to self-defence products choose mace because it's powerful and yet it's still non-lethal. The point of these products is to stop an attacker long enough to give you time to get away.

    Some might wonder what sets this particular product apart from the others available. Simply stated, these products by SABRE are by far the most powerful non-lethal options on the market.

    1. This mace is more powerful than any individual ingredient found in pepper spray and uses CS Military Tear Gas which induces temporary but excruciating pain which allows you to flee the situation.

    2. With this product, you'll be able to relax knowing that you have by far, the hottest spray on the market. It rates at 2 million 'SHU' which is a measurement of heat known as Scoville Heat Units. Anyone who gets sprayed with this will be in considerable pain for several minutes.

    3. As well as being the hottest non-lethal spray available, each container has five times more pepper spray. A typical sprayer on a keychain has only five shots but SABRE has 25.

    4. The spray is made in a state of the art laboratory and is guaranteed to have the heat specifications advertised. SABRE is the only company that offers a guarantee that their spray will actually meet the advertised specifications.

    5. Typically, pepper spray comes with a 2-year life expectancy but the spray made by SABRE will last for a full four years.

    6. Every can on the market for purchase has been fully tested to make sure it is the correct temperature, weight, and pressure. They are also highly tested for their level of eye irritation, inhalation and flammability. This means that you can rest assured that their products will work as intended.

    7. This brand will not only temporarily disable the attacker but it also marks them with an identifier that makes it easy for police to find them. A special marking dye identifies the suspect easily.

    Anyone needing an easy and reliable self-defence weapon should seriously consider those made by SABRE. They are well-known and highly respected within the industry. You are welcomed and encouraged to visit our website to learn more about these products. The most important thing about this self-defence products is that they work when you need them to.

  • Protect Your Home With A Dummy Camera

    Home security is something that concerns all homeowners, regardless of where they live. It is estimated that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds. Not only that, but it's expected that one out of every three homeowners will experience a burglary and most of them happen when nobody is at home.

    There are a few ways you can secure your home, with one being a dummy surveillance camera. CCTV cameras are one of the best ways to deter burglars, and this is why dummy cameras work very well. In fact, more and more people around the world are investing in CCTV cameras and/or dummy cameras.

    When looking for a dummy camera, you want to choose one that looks like a real camera. There are cameras out there that look nothing like the real thing. You want to avoid getting one of them.

    You want to choose a camera that has a flashing LED light because this makes the dummy camera look more real, but you won't actually have to spend thousands of dollars on it. A good unit will also move from one side to another side when an object is in front of it. Furthermore, cables are a nice touch because people will assume it is connected to a control room.

    Dummy cameras are not that hard to install and it should only take you a few minutes to do it. The cameras look real, but they don't cost as much as the real thing. They are effective and can reduce your chances of experiencing theft, burglary, trespassing or vandalism. If you want to add security to your home, then consider installing a dummy camera.

    Crime can happen to anybody. Do not make the mistake thinking it will not happen to you. You want to take steps to protect yourself, your business, your home and more importantly your family. A camera can do just that.

    You are probably reading this because you've been affected by crime. Now you want to do something about it. The first step is to start comparing various dummy cameras and choosing the one you think will work the best.



  • Hidden Cameras For Your Home

    If you want to invest in hidden cameras for your home, you can make where you live a much more secure place. It allows homeowners to have security all around where they live. There are quite a few choices you can make if you want to use video surveillance to keep an eye on things. Anyone that wants to have a more secure home is going to want to have the right system in place because it lets them keep an eye on what's going on at all times.

    Video equipment can be hidden in your home so you can watch over it at all times. It can also be set up so it records at certain times so you don't have to record private moments. You can even get a camera that will transmit video to you through the internet if you're not home. This lets you protect your home because you'll know when something isn't right so you can get help from authorities.

    There are some cameras that work remotely. This lets you know what's going on if you're out of town for work or are on a vacation because it lets you see what is going on from afar. When you're looking for a video surveillance system, find a mobile feature like this.

    Hidden cameras that you can use at home will add to the home's security. It lets you see what is going on all around your home in case you need to use that footage to aid in an investigation. There are a lot of servers out there that are used to store data on related to your surveillance system so you have proof that nobody can steal. A lot of equipment types let you access them remotely.

    Buying a hidden camera is a good idea if you want to have a more secure home. They let you monitor everything from a caretaker that's working with your kids to burglars that may find their way into the home.


  • Using Taser For Self-Defense Purposes

    Controversy over law enforcement officers has continued to grow in recent years as several highly publicized incidents have been reported in the news where people have died after officers used a taser on them. One infamous incident occurred in October, 2007 at Vancouver International Airport when a Polish man died after being tased.

    Robert Dziekanski had left his native Poland and was immigrating to Canada. He arrived in Canada without speaking very much English. He was forced to wait for more than 10 hours in customs when he arrived at the airport. There was apparently no interpreter who was available to assist Dziekanski with this confusing and difficult process. Dziekanski became more and more agitated over how he was being treated and also being unable to communicate well with airport officials. Eventually the police were called in to deal with him. Officers spoke to him in English for under 30 seconds before subduing him with a taser.

    Across North America tasers are praised for being a more humane way compared to firearms to deal with threatening people. However, there have been a number of fatalities as a result of these devices being used by police officers. Dziekanski unfortunately became one of those fatalities when the shock that the taser delivered stopped his heart and he died because of it.

    So the big question is: should the public be allowed to have tasers to use for self-defense given all of the controversy that surrounds them?

    A majority of U.S. states (around 43 out of 50) allow tasers to be sold along with limited use for self-defense purposes. In mid-2007 there was the introduction of a new taser into the market just as the controversy regarding their use reached new heights. Although tasers have been available for more than a decade for personal use, this release was considered a design version that was mainly marketed to women for self-defense purposes. The C2 has been called "eye-catching" and is considered to not be so "Dirty Harry" in style compared to the average police-issue taser. It looks similar to an electric razor and due to its small size can be easily stored in a handbag or carried in the palm of your hand.

    A majority of experts agree that when tasers are used carefully and correctly, that they are a very effective way to subdue a would-be attacker and allow the individual to escape. When it comes to personal crimes, women have a tendency to be targeted more than men are. So it does make a lot of sense that female consumers would be targeted by taser manufacturers. Numerous women who state they aren't comfortable carrying a gun to protect themselves say they feel more at ease having a taser with them. Firearms have other difficulties associated with them also. Typically it is hard to get access to guns, they are harder to buy and not always legal to carry on one's person. So it is easy to see why within the self-defense product market why tasers have continued to grow in popularity among the general public for self-defense purposes.

    Many experts state that comparing taser use for self-defense versus by law enforce is like trying to compare apples with oranges. Although it might be the same weapon, the issues that surround its uses are totally different for the two groups. Police have been criticized for reaching too quickly for their taser instead of trying to mediate or trying to use tactics that are less violent for subduing criminals. On the other hand, a civilian who is faced with an immediate threat of being attacked doesn't have the luxury of trying to talk things over when a would-be attacker is facing them and they are in immediate danger. Many experts, in fact, do agree that tasers are a very effective way of protecting oneself against an imminent attack. When a taser is used correctly it provides an electric shock (with the C2 it is 50,000 volts) that disables an attacker temporarily, which allows the would-be victim to escape from the situation.

    Although the controversy over law enforcement using tasers is not going to end any time soon, among the general public tasers continue to grow more and more popular as the favorite self-defense product to purchase and use. Tasers are more effective than pepper spray or mace, and more convenient to use than guns, which over the next decade may result in them emerging as the leading self-defense weapon. So although the history of the use of tasers is not without controversy, there use as an effective self-defense method does appear to have a bright future.


  • Telescopic Steel Baton - A Women's Best Friend for Self Protection.

    A telescopic steel baton is one the best self-defense weapons. It is ideal for women as it is easy to handle, light and very effective at stopping any potential attacker. This type of baton starts with about 6-7 inches of steel but with a flick of your wrist, it can extend to 16, 21 or 26 inches of steel baton hence the name telescopic.

    The size of the baton usually depends on the stature of the person who will be using it. For example, a smaller woman may prefer a 16-inch baton while a taller one may prefer a 21 or 26-inch baton.

    Even though any length of baton can do, it is good to choose a baton that you feel comfortable with. In order to choose a baton, you are comfortable with, assume that you are using it to stop an attacker. Practice with the different batons available before choosing one.

    Take the baton in your hand and flick your wrist as quickly as possible. The baton will extend to its proper length and lock. Once you have found one that you are comfortable with, thank God because you are ready to defend yourself and do damage to any potential attacker out there.

    You can also practice swinging or stabbing the baton with a pillow. Just give the pillow a few good swats- this will give you an idea of what it may feel like when striking an attacker. Although the baton can be used as a sword, it may not be a good idea to use it this way as it makes it easier for an attacker to snatch it from you.

    When dealing with a potential attacker, swing for the largest part of the body- the torso. Hit him in the legs or arms once or twice and let him know that you mean business. Being hit with a telescopic steel baton feels like being hit with a lead pipe!

    Can you just imagine how painful it is? This will make the attacker respect your wishes and leave you alone. The baton is so light meaning that you can easily swing it again and again. In most cases, just extending the baton will scare most of the attackers.

    When you face an attacker, scream or yell to get attention. Doing this will help you have a number of people who can get a description of the creep for the police.

    Self-protection is very important. This is why it is a good idea to look for self-defense weapons such as telescopic steel batons. Why should you be the next victim of crime and yet a telescopic steel baton can protect your life? Protect yourself at all times by looking for a telescopic steel baton today.

    If you would like to know more about the impressive Telescopic steel baton, a self-protective weapon that could save you or your family from beating or worse, please visit; http://www.protectthyselfonline.com/steel-batons.html

  • Self Defense Weapons And The Psychology Behind Them

    Do you want to feel completely fulfilled and achieve personal growth? Do you have high self-esteem and do you value your love and your need to belong? With that said, you're probably wondering what do those things have to do with Taser weapons, pepper sprays and self-defense items in general. The truth is it has a lot to do with those things.

    There are five levels of hierarchy of needs that each human has, and those motivate the behavior of people. This is according to Abraham Maslow. How well you do in your life depends on whether or not you can deal with the needs of the lower levels of the hierarchy. The process continues and continues as you progress throughout the levels until you reach the highest level you can reach.

    In other words, if you can satisfy the needs of the higher levels, then you will continue to move up. Once you are at the highest point, you'll achieve a healthy state of mind. You're probably wondering why.

    With that said, what are the exact needs that need to be satisfied on each level of your hierarchy and what in the world does this relate to self defense weapons? Well, Maslow has put together what is known as a pyramid of needs. On level five you have self-actualization, level four is esteem and self esteem, level three is love and belonging, level two is safety and security and level one is biological and physiological needs. Level one is the lowest level, while level five is the highest.

    On the first level, the biological/physiological needs, you must be able to satisfy your basic needs, which includes getting enough food, air, sleep, sex and things of that nature, and crimes are often motivated by how difficult it is to fulfill some of those needs. For example, someone who doesn't want to pay for food may end up robbing a store to get food. Since there are people willing to commit crimes, it is important for you to be prepared by owning a self defense product.

    When you meet the needs on the first level, you will need to meet the needs of the second level, which is safety and security and this is where self defense products come into play. If the world didn't have any self defense weapons or products, then people will probably not be able to meet their safety and security needs or they may have a slim chance of meeting and fulfilling the needs of the last three levels. Not only that, but the most important needs of those levels may be decreased and then nobody would be able to develop to their fullest potential.

    A lot of people wonder if they can reach their full potential without having to own or use self defense weapons and the answer is yes, it is very possible. In fact, Maslow never discussed self defense items, but you want to keep in mind that if you were to become a crime victim, then would you be able to reach your self-actualization status? There's a good chance you won't.

    Your average American has an 80% chance of falling victim to a violent crime over the course of their lifetime, and if you fell victim to a violent crime, the chances are you will end up regressing down the pyramid and your quality of life will decrease. In short, your self-actualized status, which is the fifth level of the pyramid, will be lost. It may be extremely difficult to get it back or you may find it impossible to achieve the status once more.

    Not only that, but you'll end up losing your sense of self esteem and esteem, followed by your love and belonging, and then you will be back at the second level of the pyramid, which is safety and security. That is a big drop and it's a lot to lose. In fact, you'd be losing a lot in regards to physical health, emotional health and mental health.

    Self defense weapons, including pepper sprays, taser weapons, stun guns and self-defense fighting DVDs are lawful products and they are so much more than products that provide you with a sense of physical security. They can help you feel secure on a mental level because you will have peace of mind knowing you have taken steps to protect yourself and your family. They represent your right to defend yourself, your loved ones, your mental state and your emotional well-being.

    Crime prevention starts with self defense products. You might save your life one day, if you have such products. This means you'll be saving years of having to fix a broken psychological pyramid.

    We have a free eBook you can download and it is 83 pages that's filled with everything you could want to know about stun guns, peppers sprays and Taser devices. You don't have to browse the internet for hours on end to find the info you need and want. We urge you to download the copy today because we can't guarantee there will be any available when you finally do decide to download our guide.

    The best source for personal defense products is Broad Global Online Enterprises. The company offers the best self defense products on the market and they sell them at great prices. Feel free to browse their selection of products, which includes Taser weapons, stun guns, personal alarms, home alarms, pepper sprays, as well as diversion safes.


    The following video was so funny I thought I would share it again.


  • Taser Guns and Stun Guns Make Quality Self Defense Tools


    While many individuals choose to learn martial arts and other self defense methods which require physical contact, others opt to use more modern technology to protect themselves from attacking criminals. As stun guns and taser guns become more advanced, we can now rely on even more advanced technology to defend ourselves. These advanced weapons have become a great help for both police officers and everyday citizens. Crime rates may be lessened by personal defense equipment, such as carrying a stun gun or taser gun in areas where it is legal to do so. Criminals may be more hesitant to mug or attack a person, knowing that anyone that they go after could possess these weapons and be able to protect themselves.

    The benefits that are provided by carrying this type of weapon simply cannot be ignored. The law enforcement officers would be able to resort to physical contact far less frequently, and the use of deadly force could often be prevented. In fact, tasers and stun guns may be able to prevent criminals from incurring death or permanent disability brought about by the use of guns and violence. These self defense weapons, instead, temporarily prevent movement, allowing police to use less aggressive force. They can often be used from either a short or a slightly longer distance.

    Though using stun guns and tasers is often highly useful for everyone, it's still important to keep in mind that one should only use them when necessary and should only use them properly. Are tasers even legal in my area? In some countries it is, however, in others it is illegal. There is, after all, always some danger that someone will use this self defense weapon incorrectly and dangerously. If countries do allow these weapons, there are often very specific laws in effect to make sure that they are used carefully.

    If they are used carefully, these weapons can be an important part of keeping people safe. They are quite handy, and they are easy to use in a variety of situations. They are also easy to access, inexpensive, and widely available in countries where they are legal. Individuals who are considering purchasing one should be sure that it is for the best reasons, and be sure to be responsible with them.

    Modern individuals have many options when choosing a self defense method. They can learn a combat sport, practice a martial art, or purchase a modern self defense weapon to protect themselves and learn how to use it correctly and safely. The technology has come a long way, and so have the methods that are currently used to keep us safe from dangerous individuals. Apart from learning the methods that we've mentioned above, it's always a good idea to learn as many self defense methods as possible. You can always choose to do more research so that you can be sure that you're protecting yourself and your family as well as possible.

    Get all of your Self Defense products at http://www.protectthyselfonline.com/

  • Wildfire: The Most Effective Self-Defense Pepper Spray

    Wildfire: The Most Effective Self-Defense Pepper Spray

    The world that we live in is a dangerous one; it is important to look after yourself and take the needed precautions to stay safe. Criminals look for people that they feel are weak and defenseless and then they prey on them; to them they are their easiest prey.

    Being as it provides you peace of mind as you know in your heart that you are able to take on any problem, even if it is merely by getting to a place where you can seek assistance, self-defense is very important. Self-defense is able to take on various forms in different situations; that being said, the catalyst of one's self-preservation tactics is the adrenaline and fears which is triggered when we are found in dangerous situations.

    There are countless self-defense courses which you are able to take so as to learn how to properly defend yourself when in certain situations. Every course is tailored towards a certain gender, skill level, or the kind of self-defense tactics the individual is interested in learning.

    Other than self-defense courses, another great option especially for women is some extra protection from a protective gadget, for example pepper spray. This spray contains ingredients which when sprayed in the eyes of an attacker can cause irritation, tears, sever pain, and there are even times when it causes temporary blindness.

    Pepper spray is able to stun an attacker for a period long enough for a person to easily escape the vicinity. This self-defense tool is quite popular, it is simple to use and does not require much training, and yet it is still highly effective. It is ideal or the woman who may be too shy to take on the self-defense side yet would still like to be protected in some way or another.

    One of the best pepper sprays available on the market is the Wildfire pepper spray. The thing that makes it unique is the fact that when manufactured a very pure form of pepper is used, most of the models of Wildfire are rated at a three million Scoville Unit score. They provide a long range and excellent aim, this make them highly effective.

    The Wildfire pepper sprays are manufactured with the same quality as the pepper sprays which police officers use, this guarantees that they are reliable. The one difference between the Wildfire pepper spray for civilians and the pepper sprays that police officers use is the effects of this model last much longer. The effects caused by the pepper sprays which police officers use wear off quickly. However this is what law enforcement requires being as they need to quickly get the suspect under control.

    When Wildfire pepper spray is used on an assailant, it can cause him or her to feel nauseous and choke, on top of that, it also dilates the assailant's eye´s capillaries which causes temporary blindness. By swelling the mucous membranes it restricts the breathing to the bare minimum needed to continue living, this means that it will effectively stun your assailant for as long as forty five minutes, this provides ample time to escape and seek assistance. This is why the ideal choice for women seeking self-defense is Wildfire, whether they have been physically trained to defend themselves or not.

    Get all of your Self Defense products at the address below.



  • The 5 New Added Features of The New Runt Stun Gun


    Statistically, women are the targets of assault. For this reason, it's vital to learn how to properly use self-defense tips and when to use them. It's also vital to carry some means of self-defense protection. Stun guns are an ideal option for self-defense. A stun gun will effectively disable any would-be attacker for up to ten minutes. Just the sound of a stun gun may be enough to deter some would-be attackers. Stun guns have been around for years however, recent laws have made them more desirable than ever before.

    One of the best selling stun guns is the Runt Stun Gun. Designed specifically for women, this stun gun is small in stature and easy to conceal. It's nearly undetectable in your hand. It's easy to palm it and keep it hidden until you need it. The small size also makes it very easy to carry in your pocket or purse. It's one of the models that have a built-in wall charger so you never have to worry about your power supply. Simply keep it charging when you're not using it. Best of all, you never have to worry about replacing a battery so it's always at the ready when you need it.

    The Runt Stun Gun has many great design features and five more features that make it the perfect non-lethal self-defense option.

    Higher Voltage

    Former models of the Runt had 650,000 volts of power. Today's version has 4.5 million volts. This gives 10 million volts of power.

    Rubberized Coating

    A new rubberized coating will allow you to hang on to your stun gun with its non-slip grip power.

    Improved More Color Selection

    Now available in pink, black and purple.

    Disabling Pin Wrist Strap

    Previous models had a wrist strap that was attached and made this easy to carry especially if you had your hands full. The newer version has a disable pin that is attached to the wrist strap in case someone tries to take the stun-gun away from you. It will be inoperable if you remove the pin via your grip on the wrist strap when someone tries to take the stun gun away from you. This is a great feature and will render the stun gun useless to your would-be attacker. This way, it can never be used against you.

    Lower Retail Price

    Most women would be willing to pay a small fortune for something that could offer them so much protection, however, the deal with the newer model is that anyone can afford it at $22 to $40.

    The newer version is less than the cost of a tank of gas. You'll have something that is reliable and that you can use to protect yourself.

    With cutting edge micro-technology, you'll have super powered protection against anyone that would attempt to attack you. Carry your Runt in your hand, pocket or purse and you can also wear it on your belt loop as a cell phone. It comes with a matching heavy duty nylon holster that you can wear on your belt loop. A lifetime warranty rounds out your great deal.

    Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get one of these for yourself before you need it.

    Visit our Runt Stun Gun page here to order to order yours today.




  • Tips About Pepper Spray

    Pepper spray is created to be used to deter an individual that has plans to physically harm you. It's created to be a self defense device that can be carried for personal protection. Owning a bottle of pepper spray alone won't do you any good if you don't know how to use it. It could wind up in the hands of an assailant and cause trouble instead.

    Let's look at several easy tips that can help you use pepper spray correctly:

    They could save your life in the correct situation, if handled properly. Without these tips, pepper spray can become a dangerous tool in the hands of an attacker, instead of a self-defense tool that you intend it to be.

    The first thing to remember is that if you are being assaulted, you can't lose control of the situation. You must stay calm through the assault. Be sure that you always carry the pepper spray in a place that you can locate easily. The spray often comes on a keychain, which is very convenient in dangerous situations. It's good to get into a habit of keeping your spray out and ready to use when you're walking alone, so that it can be used if someone approaches you and you feel threatened.

    When you use the spray, it has to be in a fully upright position. Do not hold it upside down, sideways, or in any other position. You'll also have to remove the actuator on the bottle, so that it's ready to be used immediately. You may have already removed this when you first purchased the pepper spray. If you didn't take it off immediately, keep in mind that the spray will not work until this is removed.

    Next, all you have to do when you're ready to use the unit is to press down and spray. The pepper spray is designed to be prayed directly in the face of an attacker. You'll need to be completely certain that you hold down the button fully, and then spray the contents of the can fully into the attacker's face. The spray will not blind the attacker, but it may disable them for as long as thirty minutes. This should give you more than enough time to flee the area.

    If you can't quite get to the attackers' face, you should aim the pepper spray for as close as you can get it to your face. Breathing in the spray will cause breathing issues and can temporarily disable the person. You'll also want to make sure that the spray comes into contact with the assailant's skin. It won't penetrate through a thick coat, or be as effective if the person is wearing a mask or glasses. When you're using your pepper spray, aim for the face, eyes, then skin. Then run away as quickly as possible.

    It's ok to practice using pepper spray in advance. Practice pulling it out in advance, so that in future scary situations you'll know just what to do. Pepper spray may save your life if you're ever attacked by an assailant who has cause to harm you. You'll have up to thirty minutes to get away from the location. You'll need to know how to use pepper spray and be practiced with it. The better you are with the spray, the more effectively it will work when you need to aim for a target in a time of stress.

    Get all of your Self Defense needs at http://www.protectthyselfonline.com/



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