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  • Dating Tips For Your Personal Protection


    In today's society, there are many things to consider before going out on that first date, sadly, personal protection shouldn't be one of them. Blind dates are quite popular however, they are full of plenty of risks if you're not mindful. Always learn to watch for red flags before agreeing to any date. Often, they are right in front of your nose but you are so into the idea that you don't see them. Prepare for and protect yourself before you go out on a date. Read these tips for more information.

    Dating is the fist step that you take to get to know someone. The first several times a person goes out, they know virtually nothing about the other person. There are many dangers out there with blind dates. Rape and attacks are most likely to occur on the first few dates than after you've been going out for a time. This is the easiest way to get to know someone, to go out with them.

    The first tip is to make the first date, a double date. Bring a friend along with their partner so that you'll already know two of the people there. This way, if something goes awry, you're still safe. If the guy doesn't like this, he's probably not the right date for you. A gentleman should agree that safety must come first.

    Second, watch the person's body language. Pay attention to danger signals. Do they easy get angry at the wait staff in a restaurant? Do they seem upset over something insignificant? Typically this body language will warn you before it's too late. Again, listen to your inner instinct. If something seems off, it probably is.

    Thirdly, invest in a personal protection device. You can find pepper spray, stun guns and tasers all for reasonable prices. These are all non-lethal and will help you to get away if you must use them. learn how to use them properly before you go out and keep them at the ready. It just may save your life.

    Lastly, learn some personal details about your date. If they're not willing to share much, this should be a huge red flag. What kind of work do they do? What neighborhood do they live in? Do they talk about sex right off the bat? All of these are huge red flags. Find out where they work, review their social media site and gather some info that you can use if you need to before that first date. Your research will help you to learn whether or not it's safe for you to be out with this person. You may see warning signs on their social media so do the research.

    Lastly, when you're out, or if you have a daughter beginning to date, learn how to stay safe. Let others know where you're going. Check in with them on your cell. Have a code word and if you don't check in have them call. If you use the code word they should know that you need help and to come and get you. Always consider a double date in a very public place for the first date. The important questions you ask now could very well save your life. You may see the warning signs before it's too late.

    Your friends and family can also be very helpful regarding blind dates. If something seems off bounce what seems off over to your friends or family and get their opinion. Sometimes, you're too close to the situation to fully see the entire picture. Respect their opinion and be mindful of how dangerous something could be. Warning signs can be subtle so learn to read them carefully before it's too late. The life you save could be your own.

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  • Safety Tips For Personal Protection And Self-Defense


    Although women tend to be a lot more conservative than men when it comes to the approach that they have for just about everything, they remain to be the number one target of violence. This is a fact that has always been in news stories across the country, but it makes you wonder how this can be remedied.

    There are a range of safety tips that women can use for personal protection and safety that can help to easily prevent assault in most situations.

    Try to do your best to develop a great deal of awareness. If you are going to be alone in a parking lot, which is an area where many assaults take place on women, you need to carefully pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of strangers that may be approaching you. Many assaults will take place in a parking lot because women easily become distracted by a range of issues.

    Always try to avoid areas where the lighting is poor, such as apartment complex and office building stairwells. Parking lots will also fall into this category. Even if you are looking to get some exercise, a stairwell should be avoided as they can be dangerous.

    In the event that you are assaulted, it will help if you know how to fight dirty. When you are going to be fighting for your life, there are no points for style. You need to be able to kick the groin and gouge an eye, because what matters the most is that you are able to get away from any assailant.

    Know how to use a self-defense product, and carry one along with you. Whether you have a stun gun, pepper spray, baton or panic button, these products all have their place and are very effective for providing safety and personal protection. The right self-defense products are able to disable any assailant for up to 45 minutes, which should be plenty of time for you to get away safely.

    In the event of an attack, you need to respond quickly. The outcome of an assault is often decided within the first 10 seconds. Once you respond to an assault, you need to do so forcefully and quickly. Practicing how you will react to an assault can mean the difference between five seconds or ten seconds. You never want to learn how your stun gun is used when you already have someone attacking you. Preparation is key.

    Never look like a victim. There are reasons why women will be attacked over men. Assailants have a sense of who will be vulnerable just by looking at body language.

    Always trust your instincts, as women will have a great sense of danger in any situation. You can learn how to trust such feelings and always react appropriately. Following along with all of these safety tips that are geared towards women will help you to go a long way to defending yourself and enhancing your own personal safety and protection.

    When you add the right self-defense tools to some of these helpful tips, you will be a true force to be reckoned with and will show that you are not going to take any attack lightly.

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  • How To Choose A Good Personal Alarm.


    Choosing the right personal alarm can be a daunting task as there are many types available in the market. However, the tips in this article will help you make an informed decision. Read on to learn more.

    Why do I need a personal alarm?

    If you are attacked, a personal alarm will help you scare the attacker giving you the opportunity to get away. However, the alarm will not attract help as most of them can only be heard within a distance of 70 m and even if someone is in earshot they might not realize that you need help. Personal alarms usually sound like a car alarm and we all know how car alarms are usually ignored.

    What features should I look for in a personal alarm?

    It is a good idea to look for a personal alarm that emits a continuous sound over 130 decibels. You need something that is going to stun your attacker enough to loosen their grip on you. The sound should be loud and ear piercing and should sound different to a car alarm.

    The personal alarm should also be easy to carry around. However, you should not choose something that is too small as it may not be as loud as you need it to be or it may get lost in the bottom of your bag. Choose those that come as a wristband or on a neck strap.

    It is also a good idea to buy an alarm that is easy to operate during an emergency. There are some personal alarms that require you to push a button while others require you to pull out a pin.

    It cannot be too fiddly and you should not need hands too. A good alarm is one that can be operated by pushing it against something else without having to use hands.

    Avoid having to use your personal safety alarm

    You should not always rely on your personal alarm only to keep you safe. It is important that you are aware of your surroundings when you are out alone especially at night and use familiar and well-lit routes only.

    Do not listen to music with headphones as it will only distract you and prevent you from knowing what may be taking place around you. Ensure that your family and friends are aware of where you are going and when you will be back home so that they know when to expect you and start worrying if you don't arrive. It is a good idea to scream when you are attacked to attract the attention of passers-by.

    If you are able to shout, shout something specific such as 'call the police!'. This will more likely help you get help as it makes it clear that you are in real danger. After screaming, run to the nearest crowded area, shop or cafe to get away from the attacker.

  • Animal Repellents Are Amazing Products


    Animal repellents are designed to keep away many types of animals, including birds, insects and animals away from plants, humans, objects and specific areas. Joggers, walkers and bikers are not able to enjoy the outdoors when they are afraid of encountering ferocious animals or wild dogs. If you're walking around the neighborhood and you're attacked by a stray cat or dog, what will you do?

    Sometimes attacks can be dangerous. An animal repellent provides you with a way to dispel unwanted animals, but in a way you won't cause them harm. One of the reasons people get animal repellents is because they want to protect their kids and loved ones from animals that may cause harm to them.

    People love gardening and if their gardens and backyards are destroyed by wild animals and birds, then they will feel devastated, but there is a way for them to protect their crop from animals. There are various animal repellent sprays you can use to keep your backyard safe and protected from wild animals, and many of these products are very effective and will get the job done. These products won't cause the animals any serious harm, so don't stress out about whether or not you will be hurting them when you use the products.

    There are many animal repellent products out there. Knowing what some of them are is helpful. Below are four popular animal repellents on the market.

    1. Hot Pepper Wax- This is designed specifically for insects and animals that pose a threat to fruits, flowers and veggies. Gardeners often turn to this, and so do farmers. It is possibly the best alternative to pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

    2. Shake Away- Most products sold as shake away are organic. They are safe to use around pets and kids. All you have o do is shake the container and then sprinkle it on the animals you don't want around. Shake away animal repellents are easy to use.

    3. Pepper Sprays- Pepper sprays are favored among those who want to protect themselves from aggressive dogs. They usually can be used from up to 10 feet away. Just a little spray can drive away an aggressive dog.

    4. Ultrasonic- This is a unique product that offers protection from many insects and animals, including deer, bats, dogs, cats and skunks. They don't weigh a lot and they are durable. The products feature a motion sensor and gives off an ultrasonic sound to keep unwanted animals and pests away.

    More and more people are turning to animal repellent products because they want to feel safe and secured and not have to worry about going on their daily walks and being bothered. You can potentially save your limbs and life by having a good animal repellent on hand. They can protect you from all types of animals, so choose an animal repellent today and start giving yourself peace of mind.

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  • What You Should Know About Personal Alarms


    Auto, home and personal alarms are usually not classified as defensive weapons like pepper spray, stun guns, guns or any other weapons that you would use to protect your self. It is more about passive security product, or a way that you can bolster your safety. There are many people that would much rather use some sort of alarm instead of the other devices listed.

    Alarms are made to alert you, and anyone else around you, that there is something going on. This will cause them to look into that direction, or to offer aid. An auto alarm has made it harder to get such attention, simply because they are often falsely triggered, leading many people to fail to react to them at all.

    If you are looking at personal alarms, you will see that you will get a good amount of security and protection from a potential attacker, simply because they are not going to want the added attention being drawn to them. Many home robbers are also not going to go near a home that they know has a sign posted in the yard that the house is protected by some sort of major security system.

    Alarms will come in a variety of styles, with each working differently. You will have auto alarms, home alarms, personal alarms, and even alarms that are set up on your computer to warn you of spammers or hackers.

    There will be some battery operated alarms and others that are rechargeable, with some home alarms plugging into your wall socket. Certain alarms may have stun guns, motion sensors, lights and pepper spray attached to them. Finally, there will be some that are hidden, concealed or small, while others will be more obvious to see.

    Alarms might be activated when a pin is pulled that has been inserted into them, or by simply pushing an on or off button. Home alarms can be activated by opening a window or door, whenever motion gets detected. There may even be some personal traveling or home alarms that will be activated whenever the door knob is touched. After an alarm is activated, they will be difficult to turn off. You will have to reinstall the pin, or the unit will need to be reset. Usually, an assailant could muffle sound by putting their hands over the speaker, so you should take caution with that.

    Alarms will put out a high pitched sound, some having different pitches getting up to about 105 to 140 decibels in terms of volume. Whenever you get to 145 decibels, it could damage your hearing, especially if you are listening for 15 seconds or longer. A high pitch like this demands attention from others. In a house alarm, pitch like this may be heard by neighbors who will also pay attention, leading them to contact the local authorities when they hear it.

    With aerosol alarms, you will have a series of one second blasts of sound that reach about 135 decibels. Most of the aerosol alarms will hold about 30 to 40 uses, and you should think about replacing them when they get to ten or less sprays. What happens is that the gases that put out the sound will start losing pressure. This causes the sound to decrease until mute, or even completely out of air.

  • Who say's Pepper Spray does not work

    There are people out there that say Pepper Sprays do not work as Personal Protection.

    I sell a few different types of Pepper Sprays and Mace Defensive Sprays.

    In the video below a crazy Russian demonstrates just how effective Pepper Spray is.





    Going to college is an exciting time in life and it is the time when most young people began their first years as adults living alone from their families. Also, it can be intimidating going to college and especially if it is a new city. Staying safe while in college is extremely important while adapting to a new routine and new place with so many colleges located in or near major metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, injuries and accidents do occur, so it is important to know several important things you can do to make sure you are safe while in school. Following these simple tips, it can mean the difference between a successful college career and a tragic one.

    Use buddy system. Walking around alone and especially at night is basically asking for trouble. So it is important to abide by buddy system like when you are moving from point A to point B at night or walking somewhere unfamiliar, ask a friend to accompany you. Also, walking with someone will reduce the chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

    Utilize locks. It is easy to become relaxed in college life, there are some habits that should always remain standard like locking your doors even if you are just popping into another friend’s room or you are alone or even asleep. Aside from allowing yourself to be vulnerable, it also makes it much easier for theft to take place if you are essentially providing easier access to thieves. Nobody invites criminal activities, but you can avoid these by locking your belongings in and when parking your car, you need to put everything valuable out of sight and lock your car’s doors.

    Don’t give out personal information. It can be tempting to be open about yourself in college especially when making new friends, but it is important to do this with reservations. You should avoid giving your dorm number or exact address to a stranger. You can meet them in a neutral place at first to see if they are trustworthy (carry pepper spray). Don’t give out personal details like your daily schedule, your full name or anything else any person can use to track you down or go to your dorm when you are not in.

    Report suspicious activity. If you see someone that is acting suspiciously like someone acting violently, someone scoping out a dormitory he or she does not live in, you should report it to the campus police immediately. So if you ever feel unsafe, find a safe place and call the police and if someone is following you or they make you feel uncomfortable, never approach them. Thus, it is important to always have emergency contacts in your device.

    Locate emergency system areas. Most colleges have an emergency call button that is scattered throughout the college for students to utilize in case of an emergency. Also, it is important to find out where the emergency exits and stairwells are. For example, incase of a fire disaster, know where you can exist from and where safety devices like fire extinguisher are located.

    Be aware of your surroundings. The number one way to avoid being a victim is preventing to appear to be an easy target. Easy target walks while on their phones or headphones and doesn't know what is going on around you. When you start to find that you are becoming unaware of what is going on around you is the time you need to consider putting your phones away or turning the music down. This is because the key to getting out of a potentially dangerous situation is to recognize it as such.

    Prevent crime while driving. When driving on college, stay on well-travelled roadways. Always keep your car doors locked especially if the neighborhood has criminal records. Make sure you have a working phone on you in case of an emergency. If someone is following your car, you need to drive to the nearest police station. Before you enter your vehicle make sure you inspect your vehicle if anyone is lying in the floor boards or backseat. Also, you need to have a plan of what to do if your car breaks down.
    When in college you need to follow these simple tips to ensure you are safe. Also, always have your school ID OR license for identification.


    We carry a large selection of Personal Protection Decices

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  • Learn About Bug Detectors


    Do you want to know why bug detectors are useful? Maybe you want to know how they work. Read on to find out more.

    1. Why Are They Useful- First, we'll discuss what a bug detector is. It is a device designed to capture spying gadgets in the area you are in, and these devices are available in various sizes and have different functions. Small ones may be used to track bugs in phones or near phones, while larger devices may be used to track spy cameras and audio spy equipment. Larger bug detectors usually have more functions than the smaller detectors, but the smaller ones cost less than the larger ones.

    Detectors that are more technologically advance also allow you to steal an RF signal. It will then display what the camera sees. If the security cameras are not equipped with signal encoding, then the detector a spy cam bug detector can display the camera's view, but it will do so wirelessly.

    2. How Does It Work- Just like other wireless devices, bug detectors work by sending radio signals between locations, and these signals are called radio frequency, or RF for short. Bug detectors use these signals to communicate with receivers. A detector scans for radio signals and if it detects anything in the office or the room, then it will report it to you.

    If you plan on using a bug detector in your home, then consider turning off cell phones and other wireless devices. This will help you track bugs and cameras more efficiently. It's not required to do this, but if you want to get the most from the device, then you should turn wireless devices off.

    3. Frequency Range- Most bug detectors have a frequency range of either 2GHz or 3GHz, and devices that do operate within this range tend to have no issues when it comes to finding bugs in that range. However, some spies do change their bug's frequency to higher levels and this means a common bug detector won't be able to find it, but a more advanced device should be able to spot it. There are some excellent detectors available for private investigators and there are ones that law enforcement use, and these devices can detect signals of up to 9GHz. However, they cost a lot of money, but they should be able to find bugs without running into any issues.

    4. Can They Spot Wired CCTV Cameras- Most can track any wireless devices, if they use RF signals. Detecting wired cameras may be a little problematic because they don't use RF signals. However, a very powerful bug detector should be able to find wired CCTV cameras in the area.

    Now you know what a bug detector is. You also know how it works. Just remember, there are many types of bug detectors out there.

  • A Variety of Home Protection Systems

    In this modern era, homeowners have several reasons to be scared. Every now and then you will come across news like bear rambling or house breakouts! In some parts of the world, people fear of wild fires and other natural catastrophes. According to a recent study, there are more than 9 million property crimes every year in the US. This includes everything from car theft to burglaries. Of course, this might not sound new! We are always warned to keep our homes and valuables safe. And, people have come up so many ways of protecting their properties. So, what does it cost to keep your home safe?
    Traditional Protection
    Great traditionalists invest on a watch dog and a gun for home protection. You can always buy a gun (that doesn’t have to be a very expensive one) for less than few hundred dollars. And, the annual cost to maintain a watch dog ranges between 1200 USD and 2000 USD every year. This is an estimate given by the Animal Welfare Organization ASPCA.
    Sophisticated Protection
    It is quite interesting to note that a lot of people are apprehensive to spend on traditional guns. They believe that there are sophisticated home protection gears to replace guns and dogs. There are plenty of safety technologies in the market. They gadgets can be bought at affordable rates and installed anywhere in your home. For instance, Home Safe EWD-1 Electronic Watchdog is an intuitive safety gear. The gear is sold at 99 USD. As intruders seep into your home, electronic radar waves are sent and alarms start to beep! This will tell you that something wrong is going around.
    A Complete Security System
    If you are extremely worried about safety in your home, you should get a complete security system. Over the years, the prices and sales of security units have increased by 60%. This is definitely a mighty boom for the industry. On an average, Americans invest around 20.64 billion USD on safety gears. The industry expects this figure to go up!
    Various Lighting Systems
    Moving on, there are several different types of lighting variations. You can light your entire home at a variety of prices and increase the net worth of your home. And, to keep your homes safe from fires, you should install smoke alarms. These alarms cost between 100 USD and 500 USD.

  • College Women And Safety Awareness

    There are some reports coming out that show disturbing statistics regarding the crimes against women on various college campuses. The following are some of the facts that might enlighten you:

    - College campus rape is under-reported, not only to university authorities, but also the local police
    - About one of out eight college women will end up raped by a stranger, or someone that they know, within a year of arriving on campus
    - Roughly 50% of the college sexual assaults can be associated with the use of alcohol
    - 74% of the perpetrators and 55% of the rape victims have usually been consuming alcohol
    - 84% of the rape victims actually knew the attacker
    - 57% of the rapes will take place on dates

    In order for women at college to be safe, they have to assume responsibility for their personal safety. Women who are in college have to be able to exercise safety awareness all of the time. Younger women on campus need to remain alert and stay aware of their surroundings. It is important to practice safety while biking or walking to and from classes, or even while driving their car or riding a bus. Of course, while walking alone in the evening, or going through an unfamiliar area should be completely avoided. There will always be power in numbers, so women should think about traveling in groups. Following your gut will usually be underestimated. However, if something does not seem right, it is always best to leave. Carry some mace in your purse for some self defense. 


    If you are a female in college and you choose to imbibe in alcohol, you should always drink in moderation. Be sure that you get your own drinks, or at least monitor who is going to be getting your drinks for you, then guard your drink at all times to avoid the potential of someone tampering with it by dropping a drug into it. If someone tries to hand you a drink without you knowing where it came from, feel confident that you can pour it out. If you are embarrassed about questioning the situation, you can excuse yourself with a friend to the ladies room where you can discard the beverage. It will always be better to be safe rather than sorry. Never allow yourself to get drunk to the point where you get out of control and never find yourself alone with anyone that you do not know very well.

    Safety awareness is something that should be practiced at all times, even when you are at home. The windows and doors should stay locked and you should never open up for strangers. The use of motion sensors or portable door alarms can be very beneficial, and make sure that your exteriors are well-lit. Never let the shrubs grow over your windows or doors, and remain alert when you enter or leave your home or vehicle.

    Along with these safety measures, college women have the ability to reduce risks even more by making sure to arm themselves with personal safety products and self-defense techniques. There are a number of personal safety products that are great for college age women, including lipstick pepper spray, keychain mace, personal alarms and mini stun guns. These are all products that are non-lethal and just right for taking down or delaying an attacker long enough for you to get away to get help.

    Violence on campus against women can be drastically reduced simply by spreading safety awareness via the female population.


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